Saturday, 12 December 2009


I have'nt really posted much lately, my temp job has caused severe exhausion! Cant do much else except eat and sleep.

But I have been inspired by my quiet walk to work every morning, the air is frosty and tiny lights sparkle from street lights along the road. Ive noticed more plant life merging with the hard concrete of the town and beautifully bold blue skies peaking out from the subway walls.

Hopefully once ive finshed this job I can concentrate on this idea and get my photographs up. I cant wait to get back to some creatvie ideas buzzing, waiting for my negatives to deveolp and spending ages getting my etsy shop stocked!

So, I want to review some previous work I did in Cardiff commuting to my old work.
I wanted to turn chewing gum covered pavement into a starry sky.

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