Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello Maseman

Just found this wonderful artist HelloMasemanthrough Society6 and am totally obessesed with all the geometric shapes and old backgrounds images.
The colours are so bright and inviting too, be lovely in my office space ( when i have an office that is) can keep dreaming I surpose.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Website Finds.

Found some amazing work this week, feel very inspired by it all but still lacking any motivation to do anything. Sigh.
However, I am very much enjoyed finding these wonderful creations, not much photography but I have put some of my work on to society6 so have a look see if you fancy it.
So first is Donna Wilson, her naive drawings and childlike imagery is so exciting to browse through and I was drippling for hours over home furnishings and ceramics. I would love to be that successful one day, have a look at her wonderful website

Next is Antler Mag, which I found through browsing Issu for a far too long amount of tiem. But Im glad I did as its has some gorgeous photography and eco fashion advice. As well as some great links to other lovely creatives.

And another wonderful Illustator Laura Figiel of SheDraws. I found her work through a Twitter Link and have been hooked ever since! You can find her tea party friendly objects and buttons in her Etsy Shop. And a quite lovely blog too!

Poupee Flash.

Cant stop listening to this song , too funny and amazing all at the same time.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Etsy Weekend.

Thought Id start a Etsy Weekend Round Up of all my favourite photographers and artists doing some pretty amazing work. Browsing the film photography section can have me procrasinating for hours so here what id like to get my hands on...

zoetropedesign has a lovley selection of prints, based in the UK. This is my favourite of tate modern. The shadows are mesmerising.

Next is MilesofLight I love everything about her photographs, and I could look at her website for hours too. She captures wonderful intimate moments, whether they be interior collections or seasonal landscapes it all seems so effortless and beautiful.

And finally the mother of all things surreal pamelaklaffke with her fascinating world of animals and people sometimes together sometimes alone. I want so many of them, all in 120 Holganess aswell, could they be any better!