Thursday, 29 October 2009

Getting Motivated

Looking for some inspiration for new work! Finally got myself a job here in Colchester (a rubbish one but a job none the less) so I can now start some new work. Argh. Its a scary thought after such a long time (well siince june).
So instead I wanted to showcase some of my favourite Flickr Photographers, enjoy!

Firstly .breanna.'s work, I love her landscape images! And this current work with her Diana, its so quiet and still.

Secondly, Monsieur_chat and his amazing polariods, and medium format goodies. I like the nostalgia of the polaroids and the gorgeous focal points of the medium format shots. Sublime!

Also another great flickr contact of mine is Ryan Hancock, I love his medium format goodnes,s looking into the mudane but beautiful side of life. All of the images in his apartment are so peaceful. It looks like an amazing place to live.

Once I work out how to use this blog better Ill put some photos up.


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