Saturday, 26 December 2009

Winter ByeBye

Bye for the Christmas Period, I shall be shooting from now till the New Year with all my new ideas. Cant wait to see them deveolped soon, have a lovely christmasand new year!

Plus heres my view on a recent walk to work, it was freezing but worth the walk through the beautiful park.

Jen xx

Monday, 21 December 2009


Ideas are a flowing after the current flurry of snow and cold winter nights wrapped up with blanket and notebook.
I want to go back to a previous project which looks at unseen street sculptures, tiny or large objects that form intriguing compostions in thier natural or sometimes urban environment.
As always I want to research research research! Ive started with a few favourites for mudane but imaginative compositions from Richard Wentworth and Wolfgang Tillmans. I would love to find something new here, an inbetween.

Heres my current inspirations for today, mostly photography based opps.

Richard Wentworths 'Untitled'

Wolfgang Tillmans 'Untitled'

And some of my favourites from flickr and etsy:

Love these pressed leaf buttons, and her illustrations are beautiful, take a look see.


Also this polaroid by Stuart Woodman

I want to find this place! Well something just as lovely here. Love that its in nostalgic polaroid too, makes it all the better.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


I have'nt really posted much lately, my temp job has caused severe exhausion! Cant do much else except eat and sleep.

But I have been inspired by my quiet walk to work every morning, the air is frosty and tiny lights sparkle from street lights along the road. Ive noticed more plant life merging with the hard concrete of the town and beautifully bold blue skies peaking out from the subway walls.

Hopefully once ive finshed this job I can concentrate on this idea and get my photographs up. I cant wait to get back to some creatvie ideas buzzing, waiting for my negatives to deveolp and spending ages getting my etsy shop stocked!

So, I want to review some previous work I did in Cardiff commuting to my old work.
I wanted to turn chewing gum covered pavement into a starry sky.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Getting Motivated

Looking for some inspiration for new work! Finally got myself a job here in Colchester (a rubbish one but a job none the less) so I can now start some new work. Argh. Its a scary thought after such a long time (well siince june).
So instead I wanted to showcase some of my favourite Flickr Photographers, enjoy!

Firstly .breanna.'s work, I love her landscape images! And this current work with her Diana, its so quiet and still.

Secondly, Monsieur_chat and his amazing polariods, and medium format goodies. I like the nostalgia of the polaroids and the gorgeous focal points of the medium format shots. Sublime!

Also another great flickr contact of mine is Ryan Hancock, I love his medium format goodnes,s looking into the mudane but beautiful side of life. All of the images in his apartment are so peaceful. It looks like an amazing place to live.

Once I work out how to use this blog better Ill put some photos up.


Monday, 26 October 2009

New Blog

Hello there.
This is my third attempt at a blog, I hope I can make it better this time around. I would love to give updates of my own work as well as showcasing other artists work and my influneces. I hope you can find something interesting, and maybe even inspiring!

To kick start here is an image from my most recent idea. I wanted to look back on the seasons and find the quiet element to it. That memorable moment when everything is just...still.
Let me know what you think.