Friday, 23 April 2010

Website Finds.

Found some amazing work this week, feel very inspired by it all but still lacking any motivation to do anything. Sigh.
However, I am very much enjoyed finding these wonderful creations, not much photography but I have put some of my work on to society6 so have a look see if you fancy it.
So first is Donna Wilson, her naive drawings and childlike imagery is so exciting to browse through and I was drippling for hours over home furnishings and ceramics. I would love to be that successful one day, have a look at her wonderful website

Next is Antler Mag, which I found through browsing Issu for a far too long amount of tiem. But Im glad I did as its has some gorgeous photography and eco fashion advice. As well as some great links to other lovely creatives.

And another wonderful Illustator Laura Figiel of SheDraws. I found her work through a Twitter Link and have been hooked ever since! You can find her tea party friendly objects and buttons in her Etsy Shop. And a quite lovely blog too!

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