Saturday, 10 April 2010

Etsy Weekend.

Thought Id start a Etsy Weekend Round Up of all my favourite photographers and artists doing some pretty amazing work. Browsing the film photography section can have me procrasinating for hours so here what id like to get my hands on...

zoetropedesign has a lovley selection of prints, based in the UK. This is my favourite of tate modern. The shadows are mesmerising.

Next is MilesofLight I love everything about her photographs, and I could look at her website for hours too. She captures wonderful intimate moments, whether they be interior collections or seasonal landscapes it all seems so effortless and beautiful.

And finally the mother of all things surreal pamelaklaffke with her fascinating world of animals and people sometimes together sometimes alone. I want so many of them, all in 120 Holganess aswell, could they be any better!


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